Forget the app.
Get your custom tablet.

Welcome your customers with a personalized tablet

Push your content forward in a focused environment

Offer a personalized tablet to your customers and coworkers, display your product offers, helpful information, and entertainment. Show information and games to welcome your current and prospective customers to make their wait as enjoyable as possible.

Expose your brand
Ideal for customer self-care
Bring life into your waiting area
Get a shiny tech brand image
Kiwapp Launcher

Display all your content on your tablet

Offer specific content for your customers:

  • Documents, company presentations, and services
  • Web sites shortcuts
  • HTML5 applications: surveys, product catalogues, games
  • Natives applications (only for Android)
Tablet content

Offer a tailor-made service

Your tablet: colors and tailor-made content

  • A custom graphic that reflects your company’s core business. A flexible offer with an option to add or delete content in real-time
  • Native application deployments

  • Your own design

    Access to content, online & offline

    Be ready, everywhere !

  • Locally store content directly on your tablets
  • Use of essential services, even in offline mode
  • Automatic synchronization of content when connected to the network

  • Airplane mode

    Study real time analytics

    Analyze the use of your tablets with advanced statistics and measure your ROI:

  • Study the customer’s path on each tablet and view the statistics between the web sites, HTML5 applications, and native applications
  • Determine the most frequently used services
  • Number of sessions per store /per day/ per hour
  • Compare statistics between different tablets in your network

  • ROI

    Monitor your tablets remotely

    Supervise your deployed tablets:

  • A list of online/offline devices within your connection network
  • Battery levels of each tablet
  • Available memory
  • System versions in use
  • Monitoring

    Secure your devices

    Secure your devices and data:

  • All the data collected is secured on the Kiwapp servers
  • The tablets in kiosk mode grant access only to pre-authorized content
  • All traffic and interactions are encrypted
  • Security

    How does it work? Kiwapp Launcher in 3 steps.

    • Organize your content

      Import your HTML5 applications

      Create your own application, or provide us with your content, we’ll take care of the rest!

      Our teams will be in charge of organizing and displaying your content on your tablets. The graphic will be custom according to your colors.

    • Deploy your services and applications

      deploy your apps

      Deploy your content

      • Utilize content adapted to each situation and tablet
      • Update your content in real time
      • Deploy your application with MDM’s (mobile device management) such as Mobile Iron or Air Watch.

      Test your application

      • Test your tablets prior to deployment
    • Analyze & monitor your devices

      analyze & monitor your devices

      Monitor your devices in real time:

      • List of online/offline tablets within your tablet network
      • Battery levels of each devices
      • Available memory
      • System versions in use

      Take advantage of your new interactive services and measure your ROI:

      • Most frequently used content
      • Statistic use per tablet/per day/per hour
      • Compare usage of different tablets
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